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CA-710243-A: Method of manufacturing electric wires covered with plastic patent, CA-710839-A: Crystallization of terephthalic acid patent, CA-711003-A: Sphere making machine patent, CA-712173-A: Preparation of aromatic peroxy acids patent, CA-712244-A: Protective covering for open side of wall outlet boxes and the like during building construction patent, CA-713374-A: Impact tool with chip-resistant striking face patent, CA-713618-A: Cement composition patent, CA-714696-A: Heater compartment for lunch box patent, CA-71477-A: Wood peg for wooden railways patent, CA-716245-A: Anchoring socket patent, CA-71685-A: Combustible artificiel patent, CA-716929-A: Heat sealable container patent, CA-716954-A: High pressure soft seat valves patent, CA-718493-A: Rechargeable accumulator construction patent, CA-719154-A: Easy opening container patent, CA-719554-A: Method of removing foreign particles from chips of cellulose and similar materials patent, CA-719959-A: Method and apparatus for classifying dry solids patent, CA-720419-A: Method of hydrogenating benzoic acid patent, CA-720513-A: Stable oxymethylene copolymers patent, CA-720801-A: 2-bromo-testosterone patent, CA-721095-A: Die press with traveling head patent, CA-72170-A: Distributeur dengrais patent, CA-722138-A: Laminated glass structure patent, CA-722183-A: Chlorinated bis (silyl) benzenes patent, CA-722190-A: Process for preparing carboxylated organic compounds patent, CA-723213-A: Process for polymerizing unsaturated aldehydes and resulting products patent, CA-723431-A: Male incontinence clamp patent, CA-724932-A: Pumps patent, CA-725216-A: Condensation of alkanols with unsaturated ketones patent, CA-726086-A: Heating of foams patent, CA-726440-A: Shot encapsulated gun shell assembly patent, CA-726906-A: Artificial teeth patent, CA-727061-A: Hardening of photographic layers patent, CA-72707-A: Joint de rail de chemin de fer patent, CA-727244-A: Electron gun electrode assembly patent, CA-728073-A: Process for preparing crystalline zeolites patent, CA-728184-A: O-benzoyloxyphenylacetonitrile patent, CA-72820-A: Electric wire conduit patent, CA-728225-A: Polymer products and method of making same patent, CA-728372-A: Hair dryer applique stick patent, CA-72857-A: Attelage de chars patent, CA-7290-A: Improvements on trotting sulkies patent, CA-730616-A: Preparation of imino bis(sulfuryl halides) patent, CA-731623-A: Lubricant composition patent, CA-732328-A: Automatic brightness control patent, CA-732761-A: Measuring apparatus patent, CA-734580-A: Treatment of olefin hydrocarbon polymers patent, CA-735125-A: Automatic landing systems patent, CA-735541-A: Polymeric stabilizer composition patent, CA-736794-A: Can turning conveyor patent, CA-737076-A: Watertight control unit patent, CA-737200-A: Metal strip edging apparatus patent, CA-737561-A: Method of manufacture of tubular type plates for lead acid accumulators patent, CA-73777-A: Reliure temporaire patent, CA-738430-A: Purification of bipyridyls patent, CA-738526-A: Integrated electrochemical process patent, CA-738999-A: Process for the manufacture of 1,3,5-trioxane patent, CA-739011-A: Process and apparatus for the manufacture of mixtures of acid esters of phosphoric acids patent, CA-739524-A: Hydrocarbon conversion process patent, CA-739916-A: Treatment of refractory metal oxide-containing metal bodies patent, CA-740299-A: Luggage case patent, CA-740870-A: PROCEDE DE PREPARATION DES LACTONES 10-11 DES ACIDES 3-OXO-11.beta.-HYDROXY-17.beta.-ACYLOXY-.DELTA.4-ESTRENE-10.beta.-CARBOXYLIQUE patent, CA-742168-A: Process for making a supple polymer-impregnated fibrous sheet material patent, CA-742863-A: Ticket assembly patent, CA-743983-A: Nematode control patent, CA-744023-A: Fabric coatings of pigmented vinyl resins patent, CA-744669-A: Method of pigmenting glass cloth patent, CA-745308-A: Apparatus for recognizing waveforms of variable duration patent, CA-745349-A: Jointing between floor and wall panels patent, CA-745381-A: Reservoir for the storage of liquefied gas patent, CA-745794-A: Screwdriver with registering chamber magazine handle patent, CA-746208-A: Mechanized insertion of radio tube sockets patent, CA-746338-A: Pear feeder patent, CA-746648-A: Distance measuring device patent, CA-747295-A: Substrate for use in the measurement of the concentration in a body fluid of the enzyme glutamic-oxalacetic transminase patent, CA-747318-A: Method of improving the filtration characteristics of asbestos patent, CA-747827-A: Stabilization of peroxy solutions patent, CA-747874-A: Roofing composition and methods of applying it patent, CA-748277-A: Load sensing automatic storage apparatus patent, CA-748851-A: Method for the manufacture of chip mouldings patent, CA-74889-A: Sac a coup de poing et support patent, CA-749238-A: Suction cup construction and apparatus patent, CA-750006-A: Preparation of block polymers patent, CA-750261-A: Appliance for collated copymaking of note-takings in books or loose-leaf records patent, CA-750346-A: Manufacture of pile-articles patent, CA-75290-A: Canule patent, CA-75306-A: Steam engine patent, CA-753339-A: Air gap and tripping operation adjustment means for a circuit breaker patent, CA-753467-A: Split sleeve assembly patent, CA-754425-A: Mixing apparatus patent, CA-7545-A: Perfectionnements aux tarrares patent, CA-754859-A: Self-adjusting cushioning arrangement for railroad cars patent, CA-755250-A: Radar testing equipment using a plurality of switched antennas patent, CA-755440-A: Apparatus for manipulating article containers in conveying installations patent, CA-755633-A: Sultone fungicide patent, CA-756546-A: Photographic process for the production of relfex copies patent, CA-75658-A: Steam boiler patent, CA-7582-A: Combined lime-sized wood and paper dish for butter patent, CA-758561-A: Method and apparatus for manufacture of multi-laminate cushioning material and resultant products patent, CA-75857-A: Horse collar blocking mechanism 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